• Win NMD makes it easy to record audio from MD to PC, the application interface is available in English, German, Chinese, French and Spanish.
  • It is not freeware, but available for little money, in order to support the development of the current and future versions. A personal license is valid for future updates and for the personal use on different PCs or Notebooks.
  • If you already use WinNMD and have a questions or problem, please have a look at the help page, or write me an mail:

 CD Text for SimpleBurner

  • This application reads the CD-Text information on Audio CDs and adds it to the Title-Database of the SimpleBurner application. Only Version 1.x is supported by this app, Version 2.0 is currently not supported. This application is available as freeware, but it is in beta status, which means, that the application might not work very well on your system, as I have limited resources for supporting this app. It is intended for "power users", that look for this feature and know how to work around computer problems.
  • Open this page for more information on this application.


 Various other files, utilities

  • Some small applications that might be useful. These apps are available for free, but are mostly not extensive tested or feature complete.