Win NMD  - make extra easy recordings from NetMD to PC

Record sound using your soundcard, automatic synchronization and control of your NetMD player via USB results in a greatly improved user experience!

Pricing in Euro or USD depends on your localization and is determined automatically from within the application at the time of purchase. Please install Win NMD and use the freely usable test recording mode to ensure proper operation on your system.



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Remark: You will need to use the build in Activation System in order to support the development and make this program useable. This program is not freeware.

Upon start of the application the compatibility of my app with your system can be checked with a test functionality.

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Application Interface-Language




Unique Key-Features

Additional features


Screenshot 1: New mini-mode and sys-tray icon (in mini-mode or in minimized state)

Screenshot 2: Version 1.3 (English interface)

Screenshot 3: Recording options (version 1.3)

Screenshot 4: Recording progress dialog (with new sound level meter)

Screenshot 5: Version 1.2 Showing the Freedb function, which titles the songs on MD if they are a complete album copy from a known CD. This way you can copy your songs from HiFi CD player optical, and later title the MD using this free internet service, which is similar to the commercial cddb function. A Codepage-option allows the codepage conversion from Japanese (Shift-Jis) and Chinese (Big5, GBK) so the titles in the MD double byte can be written correctly in the Shift-Jis Format.

Screenshot 6: Showing MD content, titled with freedb internet database. Two hits, one with Chinese and one with English characters make it possible in this case, to automatically fully expose the titling capabilities of MD technology. In this case the MD player unit would show the English characters and a Double-Byte capable remote control would show the Chinese characters.